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Posted by chrissy n on 12:19 9/17/2000:

I've been searching for an agent who handles soap opera writers. Recently, I sent out a batch of query letters. I've received a few responses.

One agent did not handle soap writers, but recommended one who did.

Yet another didn't represent soap writers, but he liked my dialogue and wondered if I wrote sitcoms. He said if I wrote sitcom scripts, he'd like to look at them.

One agent coldly turned me down. He wrote, "We can't represent you." LOL!

I've tried a number of techniques to break into small screen writing, all to zippo avail.

I put in some time in a lowly position on a network soap, and pulled the same gig on a cable soap produced in Virginia Beach. Before the start of the workday, we all prayed.

Never could understand why the writers of that show didn't do a story about a reprobate televison evangelist.

But while working on the shows, I unsuccessfully tried to crack the script writing nut.

But everyone was too busy to even read the work.

They weren't that busy.

A lot of scribes are EXTREMELY jealous, insecure, resentful people. One told me "This stuff isn't right for daytime." And he slammed the scripts down on my desk.

He's as sweet as a five pound bag of sugar, ain't he?

I think the jerk was threatened, and was trying to discourage me. I know damn well my writing surpassed the table scraps he was paid handsomely to produce.

And boy, I wanted to give him a good old fashioned tongue lashing, but I kept mum, leaving teeth marks on my tongue. He looked me squarely in the face when he insulted me, so for his benefit, I put on an anguished expression. He was a petty person, who needed regular replenishings by trying to suck the blood out of people, so I let him think he had injured me.

His pettiness and insecurities was what pissed me off.

Jealous, insecure people irritate me to no end.

Paul Mayer, the late Allen Potter, Claire Labine, Pam Long, Kylie Masterson, Larry Auerbach, Nancy Ford are gems. They took the time to talk to me, and offer invaluable advice, giving me tapes and scripts.

I talked to Nancy Ford telephonically. A soap writer gave me her number and told me to tell her that she (the soap writer) and I were pals (which is an exaggeration).

Well, Keith Charles, a been around the block soap actor, and Nancy's husband answered the phone. It was strange hearing a voice that had been in my living room so many afternoons.

But I used my "position" on the soaps to scare up tapes of old serials. So I guess some good did come out of the experience. ROTFLMAO!

Trying to achieve success as an author is a lonely road to travel, but I'm sure the perpetual rejection toughens you.

I suppose some of the people who have "made it" are so hard-nosed because of the sh't they endured to get there.

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